Sergeant Mazen Alotaibi Facing Charges

Bad news for SGT Mazen Alotaibi of the Saudi Arabian Air Force. He was in Las Vegas over New Years and is now in jail facing charges including kidnapping, sexual assault with a minor and felony coercion that could get him decades in state prison. Throw him in the clink and lose the key. . .

6 thoughts on “Sergeant Mazen Alotaibi Facing Charges”

  1. Islamic countries are ill prepared for Western society.

    In this case the Saudi will pay the penalty and come to understand what true freedom is all about. (Life for this little Sgt is about to get so much worse on the inside).

    My heart goes out to the 14 year old and his family who have had to suffer in such a way, and will have to endure a sickening trial due to the cowards plea of Not Guilty.

    Lets just do it the Saudi way, and let his head roll into the sand.

    Yours Aye.

    1. This is tragic for the family of the kid. My heart also goes out to them. As for the SGT, yes, let’s do it the Saudi way. (Although I am not sure if this is a head-rolling offense.) He might lose something else, more southward. . .

  2. The problem with what you describe, Ex Bootneck is that every excuse and in our politically correct and multicultural Western society, is made available to such scum and he may only get a wrist slap and a ticket home to where this sort of thing is acceptable…the Obama administration is bound and determined to bend over backwards, if I’m not being too descriptive in this assessment in their dealings with such barbarity….as you may be aware slavery is still acceptable in the Saudi world and it continues apace…so what of a little rape of an adolescent under fourteen? The Prophet married a six year old little girl when he was in his fifties and consummated the marriage when she was nine…these are just facts…this character even in this photo looks almost rebellious …so who knows what hoops he’ll be forced to jump through just to get back home…and I can imagine him doing just that to leave the hated USA and satisfy those leftists in ObamaLand so that they can slap themselves on the back for being so tolerant, caring and non-judgmental….just sayin’….k

    1. I certainly hope this is not something that gets swept under the rug. It is getting a lot of airplay. I just saw it on Fox’s frontpage. I hope we can punish this guy here, but I forget what our SOFA agreements are with Saudi Arabia.

    2. Kristen,
      You’re right about slavery in the Saudi world, but not limited to there. It’s accepted in Sudan, where for at least 16 years (probably more like 20 years, at least) The northerners (Muslims) raided villages in the south (Christian and animist black Aricans), killed, raped, looted and enslaved men for hard labor and women for sexual slavery.) Many of the slav es had been sold, not only in Sudan but in Libya as well. And all over the Muslim areas of Africa, slavery is alive and well. The Arabs were the first to take slaves from black Africa, and still continue that proud tradition.


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