Like the Post Office with Tanks

The way I understand it, the Russians are sort of a combination of evil and incompetence… sort of like the Post Office with tanks.
–Emo Philips

Tank at night
Tank at night

16 thoughts on “Like the Post Office with Tanks”

  1. Reverting back to my ‘old days and ways’ of AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) recognition.

    Leopard 2A1 Main Battle Tank. (German design, in use by numerous countries).

    Seven road wheels evenly dispersed, rear drive sprocket, front idler.

    Main armament 120mm Smooth Bore Gun (Stabilised)
    Coaxially mounted MG 3. 7.62mm
    Turret mounted A/A MG3. 7.62mm

    Crew of four.

    Road = 72kph
    Off road = 45kph
    Cruising range 550kph

    Fastest MBT in existence. (The Ferrari of the MBT world).

    Yours Aye.

    1. The blog software thought your comment was spam and sent it to the spam folder. What may have confused it was all the techy stuff. (Which I find interesting.) Are the specs telling me that it is superior to our M1A1?

      1. lol… just sent you another as it did leave me some what confused.

        The modern Leopard is significantly superior, though your own ‘tankies’ will disagree (it’s bad for their morale to know there is a better mobile weapons system around).

        The great advantage of the Leopard is the ‘power pack’ and miles per gallon on one fill up, which is a crucial factor in the logistics world in battle.


        1. I will keep your observation between us. My experience with tankers is that they are (for the most part) cornfed boys. And they don’t brook dissent. Or nuance. Not part of their vocab.

  2. Oh… If only the Post Office had a fleet of these Armoured Fighting Vehicles, they would get the mail delivered on ‘time’ and in ‘all’ weather conditions.
    (Part of my former life; I was a ‘tank hunter’ and have come up against these formidable Ferrari’s of the heavy metal world).

    German made Leopard 2A4/A6 Main Battle Tank.

    Seven (evenly spaced) road wheels, rear drive sprocket, front idler.

    Main armament 120 mm smooth bore gun (stabalised).

    Coaxially mounted MG3. 7.62 mm

    Turret mounted MG3. 7.62 mm (A/A).

    Road speed 70 kph (fastest MBT in existence; speed limited by law)!
    Reverse speed 31 kph.
    Range 550 miles (one fill using four internal tanks).

    Crew of four; commander, gunner, loader, driver
    (escape hatch on the deck behind the drivers position).

    The power pack (engine) can be changed in the field in 35 minutes.

    Fording (4′) and snorkel capability (13′).

    Yours Aye.
    (With a shiver running down his spine).

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