Get Your Bicholim Conflict News!

If you are searching for info on the highly debated, heavily mysterious, Bicholim Conflict, know that it has been revealed as a hoax. So much for wikipedia being a truthful source.

5 thoughts on “Get Your Bicholim Conflict News!”

  1. I have always thought of Wikipedia as a basic research tool; though there are some people who do put their heart and soul into detailed analysis on subjects dear to their heart, that does benefit others.

    Shame on the half wits that seek to pull others down; their weakness gives others strength. I hope Wikipedia benefits from this and perhaps create a page on the subject, which is now ‘Internet’ media history!

    Yours Aye.

    1. I usually find Wikipedia to be trustworthy for most subjects. Exceptions are politics and anything controversial. History usually appears solid. I once looked up “death.” And under it, it had: “Chuck Norris is the leading cause of death around the world.”

      1. Ohhhhh! You just said the ‘C N’ words NavyOne, best you keep looking over your shoulder cos he is now on his way…


  2. On the contrary, I don’t really trust Wikipedia for much of anything; when you have a website where any person can insert any non-verifiable information into it as a matter of course, all you will have are opinions, not facts….and although I feel most commonsense type stuff is probably accurate, most political and even historical information is written with a liberal bias…you know that revisitation and revisionism liberals are so prone to encourage their own narrative of how life began….k

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