6 thoughts on “A Spam and Peanut-Butter Sandwich”

  1. Where you been? I’ve been eating Spam and PB for over 50 years. My dad gave me my first one in about 1962, at the ripe ole age of 4. He told me (later) that it was an old AF standby (he was a pilot in the junior service). Got a picture of it, somewhere, with most of the PB on my nose.

    Now Spam, Spam, Spam, Miracle Whip and Spam…there’s a yummy thing.

    1. Are you kidding, Bob? Spam and Miracle Whip….number one: I hate Miracle Whip….it’s Hellman’s or nothing….and peanut butter…a combo that’s designed in Hell, I’d imagine….I like Spam by itself with no additives….k

  2. In addition to what Bob said, have you ever eaten the Peanut Butter and Jelly hamburger at Slater’s 50/50? I think this is becoming trendy. If you think about it, it is no different than Chinese food with peanuts in it. I think it might be worth a try!

    For a survival tip: SPAM and Peanut Butter are both great choices for survival protein. This product will get you through the next 12 hour San Diego power outage or the zombie apocalypse!

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