My Second Grade Class Picture

Back in second grade, I took a horrible class picture. I don’t know what happened to me that day, but I grimaced and groaned my way through the exhaustive photographic session. Lo and behold, my photo turned up years later on-line!

10 thoughts on “My Second Grade Class Picture”

  1. And I thought it was a piranha….look at all those teeth….everything else mentioned afterwards was equally a nuisance, but you Navy One? You underestimate yourself….and they’re Canada Geese, not Canadian….the bird is named after a person not the country….k

  2. EB: I’ve never been taken for a lawyer. I’m not sure whether to be insulted or happy.
    Lou: Yes, braces cure a myriad of issues.
    CP: See my comment to Lou.
    Kris: First EB calls me a lawyer and now you call me a piranha. Lawyer or fish? Hmm.
    Clark: I really was happy, it is just my overbite that makes me look that way.

  3. When the linked article called them “Canadian Geese” I bailed out. How the hell do you know they’re Canadian?
    Do they have Maple Leaves Tattooed on their wings?
    You stupid bastards, They Are “Canada Geese”.
    I wish ignorance hurt the ignorant…

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