Tutoring the 2012 Costa Novel Award

I don’t particularly see the point of giving out prizes for artistic endeavors. And I am sure many of the artists probably agree. But awards help further recognition of one’s effort and talent. This year for the Costa Prize, a first has occurred. The top five places were held by women. For the 2012 Costa Novel Award, Hilary Mantel won for Bring up the Bodies. I read at the link the novel is based on the Tudors. Of which, I’ve never really understood. I’ve always wanted to get a good teacher to explain them to me. Sort of a tudor’s tutor. . .

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  1. I do some tutoring. Sometimes my turtoree can be a bit of a tooter. She is not big on history. We have not studied the Tudors yet; maybe the subject will be more to tutoree’s liking.

  2. We refer to the Tudor period dated between 1485 and 1603. The most memorable Tudor being Henry VIII.

    I suppose it is easier for us here in England to study the period as much of its history sits around us to this day; in the shape of castles, period homes, churches, high streets, towns and even cities; as well as links to personal family history.

    One of my favourite teahouses in York is an old Tudor property.


    A must for any body wishing to see the Tudor period as well as historical venues linked to the Tudor period should visit The Tower of London (where quite a few wives lost their heads). It really is a mind blowing venue as you can actually sit within the cells and rooms afforded to the families imprisoned there. The weaponry of the day is still stored within the keep, which is in mint condition.

    Leeds Royal Armouries in Yorkshire; is a huge museum that will require a couple of days to walk around, as it dates from the year ‘dot’ to modern day. The Tudor section is as interesting as the Tower, with a variation of weapons, clothing and uniforms of the period. (40 minute drive for me).


    Visiting any Museum and Art Gallery within England is free. There may well be a donation box on hand; however, a respectful £1 per person per visit is decidedly honourable (never tip over here, its considered to be rude) ☺.

    So come on over, what are you all waiting for?

    Yours Aye.

  3. Lou: Be wary around tooters. Often, they make respiration quite challenging.
    EB: You are some tutor! As for your great country, I imagine I will end up there soon, perhaps after my next tour in Japan. . .

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