No Large Supporter of the Troops

Guess whose large family has served this country in the military since the Revolutionary War, but no longer supports the troops in any way?

9 thoughts on “No Large Supporter of the Troops”

  1. From the PuffHo commenter, regarding the maturating putrefication that is Michael Moore – “Sometimes he is right and sometimes he isn’t.”

    Michael Moore ia always Left & never ever Right and has no clue or respect for the principles that made this once great Nation great. I wouldn’t urinate on him if he were on fire.

  2. I was going to articulate my words but a sense of anger has hit me…

    Instead I would like to wish this hideous man more success, so he celebrates with beer and lots more junk food; in the hope that he ‘pops his clogs’ through blocked arteries.

    In my own humble opinion, he is a classic example of what you do not need within your great Nation.

    I am definitely going to bed now…

    Yours Aye.

    1. As well you should Ex Bootneck…we have our embarrassments here too…and it is no surprise Mr. Moore who enjoys the fruits of the capitalist system and can afford to have any opinion he wants, chooses to hate the country that made it possible for him to succeed. That this has ever been thus, is perhaps the saddest commentary of all. To Michael Moore there is no loyalty, no honor or any belief he has that remains greater than himself; rather reminiscent of the man who today sits in the White House… America is now in the saddest time of its history; I hope we survive it all; I plan on going down fighting until my last breath to ensure we get this country back on the right track. I am convinced God has done this for a reason; perhaps to remind us that our covenant with Him (our Constitution) actually means something and will be adhered at all costs and it is not a triviality to be thrown away by a bunch of clowns in Washington, DC; we here in America are a great deal like the Jews in Israel; we value our liberty and our freedom and have taken it for granted and too lightly in the last fifty years. When our forefathers developed and established our Constitution and government, they actually made a Covenant with the Creator of all things as the Jews did; that is what we share with them and why we have always aligned ourselves with Israel and the Jewish people; I did not spend my life in the US Navy and the American military to watch this happen to the country I love and have defended; and I won’t see it destroyed by the progressive movement or this president….and I don’t care what they think they can do to this country; they won’t get away with it; not if I have anything to say about it….and certainly not a Michael Moore the most insignificant of them all….k

  3. Struan: I could not agree more. Sometimes he is wrong and sometimes he is more wrong. Do save your urine for the wiz quiz. . .
    EB: Send him some twinkies! (Umm, forgot we no longer have Twinkies. Send him some mince-meat pie. Which, in my junior varsity understanding, has no actual meat in it. . .)

  4. Well we should stop supporting Mr. Moore…. No wait that we require us to start supporting him…. Oh nevemind….. Maybe he should move to Venezuela and live in paradise with Hugo! Wonder how long he would survive?

  5. To be fair, I think he’s got some points about certain issues, like how 9/11 ER personnel have been treated (a short note about that: In my mind, I’d rather see 100 imposters given medical treatment along with 1 honest man or woman, than I’d see 100 imposters turned away if it means that 1 honest man or woman is sent away with them, because in the end it comes down to your own consience and one nations debt to those who risked so much that day), but here I have no objections about what is said about him by everyone else who’s commented. Since he follows up with an immediate apology (correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t read too carefully) it seems more like a very cheap publicity stunt. Cheap in more ways than that he didn’t have to pay someone for it, very cheap indeed…

    1. About the topic of 9/11 responders, I agree that they have received the short straw. Good point. But I have a reflexive dislike of this man that I can not get beyond. . .

      1. Oh yeah, definitely. Of course, having a few good opinions doesn’t weigh up for, well, the rest, so it’s more a matter of a few common opinions that make me say he isn’t 100% wrong, just 99% wrong.

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