Mid-Distance Running, San Diego

Distance running is one of those things you can’t take a break from and expect to maintain proficiency. And I’ve taken two months off of trail jogging. On Sunday, with a brisk 45°F headwind, I got in a little over 6 miles. Not long, not short. Both my ankles and tops of my feet are sore, sore today. And my upper back. Whose back gets sore from jogging? Mine.

I have a Garmin Forerunner 110 to keep track of my mileage and elevation. I live in the hills and basically ran to the top of my local mountain and along the ridgeline for 3 miles before taking a loop back. According to my Garmin, my elevation rise was 1200 feet. Which means I also descended 1200 feet. Not tough, not easy.

At this point in the picture below, I’ve run up on coyotes, several of them. They are funny creatures. They always stay about a hundred feet away and watch me with amusement.

Running TrailYou can see how the trail above winds along, hugging the mountain. I had Pandora Radio on, the POD channel. If you need a good get-pumped song, I recommend Execute the Sounds. It’ll get you going. It goes 1, 2, 3, the crew is called P.O.D. And if you want to go to the tiptop. Break it down with that one drop.

So that was Sunday. Today, I ran sprints at a very deserted gym. I was waiting when the doors opened at eight. Me and half-dozen close strangers. Actually, it is one of the friendlier gyms I’ve been to. I don’t like to be chatty when I workout. I come there for a reason and I like to stay focused. But I know several of the guys from just seeing them around. Good folks. Whose feet tops probably never get sore. . .

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  1. Lately it has been so cold in my area that I’ve been procrastinating about hitting the trail…. As for the wildlife, I usually run into small herds of deer. They are no problem except that some of the stags want their space and they can get a little intimidating…I haven’t encountered any coyotes yet so that’s a good thing!

    1. Ach, I am a big baby with the cold too. They (seasoned runners) say to dress for weather 20 degrees warmer and you will warm up as you run. I am not so sure of that. As for the deer, they can be jumpy. I try to avoid the stags, especially their parties. Too wild for me. . .

  2. After my termination date I let the physical side slide, mainly through over subscribing through work commitment (civvie street was a real shock to the system). When I picked myself up financially I started cracking the physical side again, which led me on to ‘fell running’ for a while.
    The following link is to last years Three Peaks Fell Race, which gives a flavour to Fell running.

    Unfortunately just as I got into the swing of it (and really started enjoying it), I took a bad twisted knee that laid me up for several days. The problem with being self employed is that any injury is time out with no pay…

    My bag now is cycling and hill walking, with a little time on a Nordic Track Ski system, of which I would thoroughly recommend for the ultimate cardio work out.


    Fortunately (over here) we have no wild ‘beasties’ or any wild animal that can threaten or create a problem when out running. (Save for an irate farmer with a shotgun when you cross an out of bounds field)!

    Yours Aye.

    1. You also bring to mind the last Christmas present I recently bought myself over the holidays; a Nordic Track treadmill with Internet access and Google maps to simulate places we all would like to walk/run in…a bit much but what else is there for the ultimately bored?…I bought the last treadmill from Craig’s List and it provided about a year’s worth of good walking for me…my roommate just discovered his BP has hit the stratosphere and beyond and he has to re-acquaint himself with that exercise regimen he’s been avoiding ….he was the one who told me I should use it and I have almost religiously since he mentioned it but it is making some ungodly noises that reverberate throughout the neighborhood; so I decided a trip to Sears with the in-house card was the solution to this….as a result come Monday, we will have a new treadmill to impress the neighbors …I’m excited…k

  3. I am a fair-weathered exerciser, and this cold weather is not helping – Thanksgiving and Christmas were no help either. We have a trail that we walk here on the Lazy B, and we bicycle the country roads – but it is too cold right now.

  4. EB: I like how at 1:18 in the Three Peaks Fell Race, three ladies just wander out real close to the course. Honestly, they may have been knocked over in the States. (We may be far ruder over here.) The women look clueless, as if they don’t know there is a race going on. As for me, I love hill-walking too. Helps to have a dog. . .
    Kris: I like treadmills too. Get in front of a tv and get some tunes on Pandora.
    Lou: Keep at it. It hurts more when you don’t do it for awhile.

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