Franchised Youths

I am going to ignore the usual disenfranchised youths line about the 1,193 cars torched in France on New Years. Would someone please hurry the h up and open about 100 new Subway sandwich joints around Paris? So that the youths can get franchised. . .

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  1. France is slowly sliding backwards in time.

    Traditionally it is a Socialist ‘cum’ Communist country whose politics is governed and dominated by powerful trade unions.

    The lazy days of Parisian enjoyment have long gone thanks to the dropping of Borders within Europe. Free reign to cross border’s between the European Union countries has all but destroyed the French National Identity.

    The french tourism board is working around the clock to ‘spin’ its holiday offers; the truth is far from it. Here is one of the main reasons why…,d.d2k

    Thank God, and the Royal Navy, for the English Channel.
    (And I hope soon to be able to say, Thank God and Nigel Farage of UKIP for the English Channel).

    We have our own problems in London thanks to the piece of scum known as Tony Blair; both he and his Socialist Labour Government were caught hiding the statistics for street crime caused by Foreign illegal immigrants. We will soon be out of the European Union and we can then kick out the undesirables back across the English channel.

    Time for a pot of tea.

    Yours Aye.

    1. And let us not forget, Ex Bootneck all this torching of French cars has a lot to do with Muslim youths out on a rampage…how about those ‘no-go’ zones located throughout all of Europe? There is a major problem in Europe thanks to the lessening, almost lax border controls with regard to Muslim immigrants …and as usual, I have a theory where all of this began…it remains the importation of the ‘Mujahideen’ into the Bosnian/Serbian conflict back in the 1990s by the former Clinton administration…we here in America haven’t had a Democrat president who loved this country since Harry Truman or perhaps even JFK or Carter (but on that score I might be stretching it a bit)….the hate America first crowd has long been with us; it’s reached its culmination in the current administration…and they hate most Americans not to mention themselves….perfect, huh??….k

      1. Kristen,
        What you say about Muslim youths being the chief perpetrators of the torching of cars in France is true.

        Another matter: I don’t think Jimmy Carter loves the U.S., judging by his cozy visits to Muslim big wigs around the world. And, if I remember correctly, he pulled strings to ensure the downfall of the Shah of Iran, the leader of a country that was then a staunch ally of the U.S. Carter paved the way for Khomenei to put in place the Jihadist regime that has been with us too long now. Obama’s putting the skids under Hosni Mubarak of Egypt paved the way for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, is parallel to Carter’s aid in removing the Shah of Iran. (Not to mention the catastrophic mission to rescue American diplomats held by the Iranians.).

        Kristen, since you can’t hear the tone of my voice, I hope you don’t think I’m saying this with anger, because I’m not. I just wanted to remind ourselves of the facts.

        1. No, sir; I know you’re not…and yes, I am reminded daily of what Jimmy Carter did to Iran and the then Shah…a current acquaintance of mine has told me how much money Jimmy Carter donated to the Ayahtollah Khomenei, a so-called ‘saint’ to the tune of $375 million American dollars (I would have to reverify that amount); suffice it to say, Mr. Carter is still a traitor to American values, much as Bill Clinton, his lovely wife Hillary, Teddy Kennedy and up to and including the present president in the White House…gunrunning to Syria and Mexican drug cartels are the least of what this ‘so-called’ ‘president’ continues to engage in and our taxpayer dollars continue to fund this nonsense…we have a low information voter problem here…more people know what celebrities are doing than they do the president of the United States who continues to act like some third world, banana republic dictator; yes, I say it, as an American, no longer on active duty, I am daily ashamed we have in office a man who not only hates America, Americans and our military, he’s the first to blame America for everything and anything….it’s astounding we have a president who still blames GWB and Republicans for everything wrong with the known universe and acts like he hasn’t even been there for the last four years…maybe after the next four, he’ll somehow manage to disappear off the radar forever; that is a hope we can all aspire to….k

          1. Oh, Kristen, I couldn’t agree more with what you say. The whole message could be summed up in your words:

            “we have a low information voter problem here…more people know what celebrities are doing than they do the president of the United States who continues to act like some third world, banana republic dictator.”

            I agree with your entire message. Perhaps the mostr discouraging part of this whole Dictatorship is that the majority of our electorate could (1) could put a man like this in the first place (2008) into a position which has been that of most powerful man on the globe, and then, after seeing what he has done in the last four years, re-elect him! This is the greatest problem for the nation.

            For a democracy to function in a way that is beneficial to the country, what is needed is an electorate that is both well-educated and well-informed. The electorate has to have a solid basis in national and world history, especially, on one hand, and to be willing to inform itself on what is happening in this country and in the world at large. They should also have some idea about economics. When people who have no solid basis in history (and therefore do not understand why this country is special), and do not pay attention to current world events, disaster will be the result if those people vote (which they do). As a college professor, I know first hand that the younger generations as a whole know nothing of history, know nothing of the Bible (which is one of the most important foundations of our Western Civilization), nothing of geography, nothing of economics and not much of what is actually happening in the world today, and nothing of this president’s background and present activities. This is because, as you say, “more people know what celebrities are doing than they do the president of the United States …”

            In addition, with the exception of the armed forces, the younger generations know nothing of duty, postponement of pleasure, responsibility, sacrifice and even honesty and hard work. The commercials on TV that tell us how to enjoy life better, and tell us, “because you deserve it.” do not help the situation. Same goes for the “Self-Esteem” encouraged in our schools, based on no accomplishments are a large part of the problem. That “deserve” message encourages that sense of entitlement that is so damaging to us.

            You are so correct! The average person (and more so with the college-age population) does not know the names of our military heroes, the people who have found cures or treatment for terrible diseases, or those who are working on these problems right now, as well as so many other true heroes who make our lives better and more secure in so many ways. I’m afraid that this is an entertainment-centered culture at present. The “heroes,” the role-models, are movie stars, rock stars, millionaire athletes. The TV program, “American Idol,” is aptly named, because people worship entertainers (in this case, singers) and seek to emulate them.

            I see thaat I’ve written far too much. I could go on, but it’s just to say that you hit the nail on the proverbial head. The real problem is then, how can we correct this situation?

  2. I see that in my message of 9:59 o’clock I put in a number (1) but never got to a number (2). The number (2) is simply that the electorate, after seeing (or not seeing) what he has done in his first four years, still re-elected him.

    1. Yes, Clark and I cannot and will disagree with your so apt assessment of this country’s current dilemma and disgrace. It remains a sad commentary that 64 million very stupid people (and admittedly some of it isn’t entirely their fault) voted to re-elect a man who will institute over twenty new taxes related to ObamaCare (the ACA, affordable healthcare act) How utterly stupid and what a misnomer that is. That these voters think somehow or other punishing successful people is the answer to their personal problems and lack of income, is a complete mystery to me. That if they have a job, and the majority of these people are in the middle class will be financially hammered right to to the wall and Democrats (the progressives among us) somehow think they can blame Republicans is complete insanity. How do they manage to get away with this? Please let me know how this occurs because I suspect you have to believe in magic and in unicorns for this to be the substance of your reality. And when you have public sector unions as your enforcement branch, anything and everything is possible…..k

      1. Sorry, Clark….first sentence…I cannot and will not disagree…sometimes my fingers are not as quick on their feet as they should be…my mind runs ahead of the fingers for some reason or other….k

        1. Yes, Kristen, when I first slid my eyes over the sentence, I thought “What?” I read it again and realized that you simply left out the word “not”; otherwise it wouldn’t jibe with the first part of the sentence. But thanks for taking the trouble to correct it.

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