Coco Bennett, Furious Sushi Eater!

Coco Bennett's fav food
Coco Bennett’s fav food

I don’t know Coco Bennett, but I am willing to bet he is a big sushi eater. And a lover of Bruce Lee movies. And he probably likes those Japanese cartoons, with the girls that have super-high pitched voices. He maybe drives a Honda and loves green tea. Alright, I am all out of hints. Guess what Coco did while waving around a samurai sword? (Ignore the assault rifle line in the first sentence of the article. The media must get in their jabs while they think they have the momentum.)

2 thoughts on “Coco Bennett, Furious Sushi Eater!”

  1. Why the stand off? He is naked with a samurai sword. Tazer or bean bag him and let all got get some lunch!

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