Gray Santa Baby

Note to all Santa(s) visiting the Sveedish town of Vallsta (180 miles north of Stockholm): do not wear gray. Some folks can get a teensy bit testy over it.

7 thoughts on “Gray Santa Baby”

    1. True, we could have used more facts. But still, I am being careful when I visit Sweden. I don’t need any angry Swedes throwing fish at me.

  1. True Dit.

    I once went out with a Swedish girl who was the traditional 5′ 11″ blue eyed blonde; whose name was Greta.

    Greta once brought me one of their national delicacies back from a home visit to Gothenburg; ‘Surstromming’, fermented fish in a tin. The fermenting actually expands the tin, which is lethal in itself (most airlines will not allow it onboard).

    (The smell upon opening the tin will clear a room full of starving Vladivostok trawler men! It is a killer).

    Greta was offended at my attempt ‘to man up’ and eat the smallest portion… her svelte like figure topped with honey blonde hair and piercing blue eyes was not sufficient to even tempt me.

    Needless to say this Nordic beauty gulped it down as only a sea lion could, which left me with water filled eyes and the need to call for that famous chopper; the ‘Huey’.

    I need not continue with any further facts regarding the relation ship, it was doomed from that day forth as she found a place in Plymouth that sold it in LARGE tins.

    If I may, please use the following live link and listen to what ‘Chuck’ from the Bronx has to say on this delicacy.

    Sweden and its people are wonderful… just stay away from their national dishes.

    Yours Aye.

    1. See above Ex Bootneck…Vita herring…and it’s Swedish too but great….my American background is cosmopolitan European….German/Hungarian…I never understood why I loved it so even as a kid….must be a reincarnated Swede…funny…k

  2. EB: Haha! Love it. Greta was setting you up for a delicious meal. Chuck from the Bronx does not look too pleased. . . (Love the dog!)
    CP: I am no fashionista, so I don’t know what he wears. . .

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