Guess Which SEAL Team. . .

It is Monday, which means: time to play our favorite game – guess which SEAL Team!?!
Look at the below picture verrrrry carefully before guessing. Is it SEAL Team 2? Or maybe, quite possibly, the shadowy operators from SEAL Team 6? Could be, could be:

Which SEAL Team
Which SEAL Team?

Go here for the answer. Hope you’ve polished your Polish, you’re gonna need it!

8 thoughts on “Guess Which SEAL Team. . .”

  1. Looks like a Walrus sneaked in among them Seals…

    And King Canute should be sat on a throne on the waters edge, not on a platform with the waves crashing about him; bloody amateurs!

    Yours Aye.

  2. Maybe it’s some sort of religious service. Perhaps a preparation for human sacrifice to Yemanya, West African Queen of the Sea goddess, still worshipped by many (really!) in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti (possibly in Florida and New York) and Brazil. I’m not joking about where Yemanya is worshipped. But I am joking when I say the third guy from the right is going to be the sacrifice because he’ll supply the most food for the goddess.

  3. I also thought their hair was NOTHING like the Buds I see training everyday on the base I work on. You are going to have to work harder to trick us next time!

  4. Old NFO: He could have been on FEP, no?
    EB: HIs favorite song: The Beatles, I Am the Walrus!
    Clark: Wow, everyone is zeroing in on the chubby dude.
    Lil C: You call them Buds? As in: hey buds, what’s up?
    CP: I am telling the SEALs on you.

    1. Well, Polish mystery solved. I clicked the translation bar and the description of the picture said:
      Browse / Art film

      Viewing art in the film , an integral part PRZEprojektu , is a series of film screenings of contemporary artistic practices, combined with a discussion about the art of invited guests. The program will focus on showing films featuring a variety of artists. Inauguration of the review will be held on March 8 at Cinema Center Film screening Our City Dreams , directed by Chiara Clemente.

      Curator: Kafka Jaworska
      Coordinator: Marta Pisarska

      Our City Dreams , dir. Chiara Clemente / March 8 at. 19.00

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