Afghans Are Angry?

I don’t know the Guardian’s political bent, but when I see the headline: Afghans angry at US soldiers who drove away in the night leaving rent unpaid, I think, is it too much to ask Afghans to do something for their sandlot? How much more blood should we squeeze for their wee acre of heaven?

7 thoughts on “Afghans Are Angry?”

  1. NavyOne, I can give you directions.

    Left, left again, straight on for three feet then turn sharp left, left, and keep turning sharp left until you hit the main doors of the left wing liberal sandal wearing democrats main building.

    When your asked “who would you like to speak to”, ask for ‘Lefty’…. Whose office can be found on the left hand side of the left stairwell on the ground floor. You will notice that he is left handed…

    I could go on but I may have made my point as to the Guardians political slant, besides which I am leaving meat on the bone for you to finish on a high!

    Yours Aye.

  2. My response would be ‘who cares’? Again for the umpteenth time…and should these ‘Afghans’ be angry enough, I have a feeling they’ll contact all those government officials that can well punish these ‘dirtbag’ soldiers who don’t pay their bills…once a country who depends on terrorists to get things done, understands this, I can see a long line of grievances begun…it should be common knowledge soon….doncha think??….k

  3. I have a bowling towel & a tiny violin recording for those “angry” Afghani. The Guardian? As Bootneck pointed out – to the Left of Marx, Engels & Trotsky. (But, to the Right of Marks & Spencer-)

  4. Kris: I am of the opinion we should leave QRF (Quick Reaction Forces) in the country and essentially bomb the Taliban areas to the Stone Ages.
    Struan: To the left of Groucho Marx? Yikes.
    CP: I find it interesting that they are actually complaining. We are literally handing them their country back, after we defeated the clowns running it.

    1. Unfortunately, Navy One, the Afghanis retain their standing as Stone Age barbarians to this day….despite the influences of both the Soviets and Americans….I suspect they prefer it that way…and they do have the distinction of maintaining a culture unchanged or intimidated by any country outside their own…except for Arab Muslims which isn’t exactly a talking point to their credit….k

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