Silver Lining, We Got Some

The good thing about this is that I can claim I’m a Pac-12 fan (I am) and wish the Navy better luck next time. And I will tip my hat at the title of the game by eating some bratwurst. a delicious Trader Joe’s chicken enchilada. (Yes, that along with a grapefruit was my breakfast. I ran six miles this morning and did not want to prepare anything that required work. Like an omelet. Or steak and eggs. Scrambled, still runny.)

4 thoughts on “Silver Lining, We Got Some”

  1. Yep, Navy got spanked, but I’m betting there won’t be too many AZ State folks putting THEIR butts on the line for this country in the coming years… Just sayin…

  2. I’m still proud of the year Navy had and feel confident their service will outshine their playing. I also got an email that I posted on Facebook. A glass door is locked with a sign stating, “Closed Due To Short Staff.” Under it some stuck another sign saying, “Well hire taller staff, I want a Taco.”

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