Sheena Monnin Is Shocked (I Tell Ya)

Sheena Monnin
Sheena Monnin

Tonight, we are struggling which of the stories on Sheena Monnin to post. I’ll let you choose. You can read: Pa. beauty queen says she’s shocked by $5M ruling. 

Or perhaps, you prefer the national flavor of this one: US beauty queen says she’s ‘shocked’ by ruling that she owes Miss USA pageant $5 million. Yahoo, you gotta make up your mind and then let your editors know.

Per the Miss USA website, Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin believes her strongest talent is being an attentive and heartfelt listener. Sheena describes herself as persistent, focused and compassionate. Not trying to be snarky, but you could probably add talkative to Sheena’s strengths/weaknesses.

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  1. Has the Queen got any soldiers?

    Do bears poop in the woods?

    Is the Pope a catholic?

    Are beauty pageants faked?

    Does any one really care?

    Yours Aye.

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