Gotta Get Some Blueberries

The Navy Working Uniform (NWU) is commonly called aquaflage or blueberries. And I gotta buy two more sets for my next job. The uniform offers dubious camouflagery. Although, in terms of camo, I don’t think the designers had this in mind when they came up with ’em. 

11 thoughts on “Gotta Get Some Blueberries”

  1. I have pondered and tried to understand the logic in the issue of such a uniform for the Navy.

    I am now all pondered out!

    In all that is ‘salty’; would some one please explain the benefit of wearing such a blue pixilated rig?
    (Fingers have to be pointed at some one who made the ultimate decision in signing the issue order off)!

    Yours Aye.
    (‘Anchors Aweigh’, Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly would turn in their grave at the thought);-)

  2. And where exactly are you going, Navy One which makes it necessary for you to wear those ….things??? Aquaflage…I thought the Navy had gone around the bend when I started seeing women wearing men’s sailor suits…we used to look like women…well, things change, don’t they??? And as you can see, I’m dating myself…k

  3. The more things change… We went thru the same uniform crap back in the 70s. Went from the good ol’ standby dungarees to a new heavier fabric trouser and shirt, that, IMHO, looked like crap.

    And to add insult to injury they did away with AWGs (Aviation Working Green, the bestest uniform ever) before I made Chief. Grrrrrrr

  4. EB: I hear they turn red when a shark bites you.
    Mark: The rumor is that they are flammable.
    Kris: I am heading to the mighty 7th Fleet!
    Flugelman: The more things change. . .

    1. No, no, no…. Ask the retired Commander that sits near you, they turn red when they hit salt water. At least that is what I heard! Ha ha ha ha ha!!

  5. Congrats Navy One! Are you going to be at sea or just land locked in Japan? Maybe a shiny new gold oak leaf in your future?

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