Fishing with Van Hughes and Sarah

Sarah fishing with Van Hughes
Sarah fishing with Van Hughes

I’ve been fishing four times over the last year. And I must confess, the only fish I’ve hooked have been mental. As in, in my mind.

I had a monstrous 14 inch rainbow trout swim right by my Powerbait. And I imagined it taking a bite of my hook. But nnnnnnooooo.

To salve my fishing nerves, I watched this video by Van Hughes and his friend Sarah. It was filmed in Cherry Grove in Myrtle Beach. And in it, Sarah loses a 5lb red drum to a bull shark. You read that right, a bull shark. Caution, standby for some explosive f-bombs. Sarah lets lose on a stream of them. I don’t blame her. As far as I can tell, it was not photoshopped. The team rehooks the shark here. . .

2 thoughts on “Fishing with Van Hughes and Sarah”

  1. Up here in BC we lose big salmon to the seals that wait patiently beside the boat just waiting for you to reel one in, the lazy thieving buggers!

    1. Argh, I have seen the exact same thing off Catalina Island. Guy next to me on the boat was reeling in a giant albacore. You could see the seal as a dark shape coming closer. And it snatched the fish and the guy got a fish head.

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