Demand A Plan, Demand Celebrities

Demand a Plan - Tell Celebrities
Demand a Plan, Demand Celebrities

You probably need to watch this anti-hypocrisy YouTube video, Demand A Plan – Demand Celebrities Go F*** Themselves, right now.

It features all the serious actors and actresses from the original post-Newtown video demanding that we do something about gun control. Except it shows clips of their violent movies. In frame after frame.

Whoever came up with it was a genius. Screw copyright laws. Let them – the celebrities, the production companies or the movie studios – sue. It will only get it more publicity.

8 thoughts on “Demand A Plan, Demand Celebrities”

  1. There will be quite a few ‘celebs’ diving for cover after this goes viral; action speaks a thousand words…”Do as I say not as I do”.

    Lets not forget the ‘celebs’ that do the voice overs for the ‘shoot-em-all-up-kill-em-all dead’ video games; it would be interesting to see how many have drawn in excess of $750 K to plant the seed of destruction into a child’s head.

    I find it absolutely amazing that there are now young teens who actually think there is a possibility of a zombie holocaust!
    (I blame it all on the The Lone Ranger; “what do you think Tonto”)?.,d.d2k

    The ‘celebs’ who ‘demand a plan’ will rue the day when their work dries up, Hollywood is full of ten-a-penny actors; bloody hypocrites one and all.

    Yours Aye.

  2. Suz: Thanks, pretty amazing, eh?
    EB: They look so serious and thoughtful. They alone know the way out. Their earnestness will provide light in our gun-filled darkness and we will emerge into a new day!

  3. Where’s the video of them saying it’s enough with the violence in the movies that help desensitize the kids to violence? They are as much at fault as anything else. But will the take responsibility? Not likely! They would loose too much money if they did.

  4. From in Jennifers head…

    Her commentary on celbs and their so called seeking what good for us.

    “So, shut your pie hole and dance, monkey!”

    See her blog for all of it. It was posted august 25, 2010.


  5. I’ve already been in one fight this week (and it is only Monday) on FB with pro gun control people. Most of them are just too stupid – there’s no reasoning with them.

  6. No kidding all of the above…amazingly obtuse and beyond all help…celebrities barely understand their own culpability in all of this madness…but that won’t stop them from having their own protection with guards who have guns….and their own rampant ignorance….k

  7. They can’t argue with the the patron saint of the liberals priest caste – can they? “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” — Sigmund Freud

    For those that don’t already know – it is impossible to shame a Liberal/Progressive/Socialist (or whatever alias they’re using nowadays). They are inoculated and immune to their own galloping hypocrocies by their all-consuming narcissism. Pompous, effete, self-important, maniacally self-righteous and in the the end, irrelevant. They will be the ones that never start or the ones that die along the way.

    My brain will be five days dead before I believe a word that comes from any of them via any media.

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