Queens AK-47

Queens AK-47
Queens AK-47

The number one trending story on Yahoo right now is Queens AK-47.

I see it and think to myself, what would Queen Elizabeth want with an AK?

Whoops, scratch that. Queens, New York:

A Queens mom who hoped to see her teen son become a marine biologist instead saw him Saturday in the morgue.

Xavier Granville, 17, was gunned down by a pair of ski-masked gunmen — one toting an AK-47 assault rifle — after a late-night party in Far Rockaway, police sources said.

“My son didn’t deserve to go out like this,” said a distraught Shakira Granville after identifying the body of her only child. “The pain I feel. I’m just in shock.”

Ah, the pain no mother wants to go through. Standby for gun control tripe from el Mayor. Even though I doubt the punks who shot Xavier had the gun legally.

6 thoughts on “Queens AK-47”

  1. Liberals pass useless laws to make themselves feel better & not to rectify real societal problems – it’s all about them all the time. Liberalism is a philosophy rooted in the liberal’s narcissistic desire to believe he is the moral and intellectual superior of ordinary people. That is all.

  2. And I would say, those of you on active duty will be required to endure another four years of liberal (it’s really progressive) nonsense and more changes in their attempts to turn our military into some socially relevant organization (by their lights)…the military is designed to fight and win wars; nothing more, nothing less…I hope we never lose sight of that…k

  3. For those that care, the ammo (shell-case) fits many different weapons. Why not say that the .45 cal ammo was fired by a 1911A1 .45 cal auto. Because you are too stupid or you have an agenda? I vote for both, too stupid with an agenda!

    1. Shipmate, I don’t usually allow folks to roll in hot and throw around the stupid with an agenda barb. I am not sure your point. Look around this blog and then come back with an explanation.

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