Politics and Military Procurement

Politics and military procurement are uneasy battle-buddies. (Sometimes not even uneasy.) The question, do we need the: Global Hawk Block 30 drone program; C-27J Spartan cargo aircraft; upgrades to the M1 Abrams tank; Air National Guard funding level to maintain steady; proposed East Coast missile defense system? Or can Ohio manage without the job money these projects bring in?

2 thoughts on “Politics and Military Procurement”

  1. Politics & Military procurement go together like oil and water.

    I would thoroughly recommend a read into how the Israeli’s do it; they are the masters in this field. National pride also plays a major part in the equation.

    You don’t require the brains of an Arch Bishop to understand that the Israelis are at the cutting edge of weapons & IT technology. The threat of war on your doorstep creates necessity and requirement (incidentally, trade unions are surplus to requirement).

    Yours Aye.

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