Jihadis in Makhachkala

As you all are probably aware, Makhachkala’s not been a happy campsite recently. Pesky, Muslim jihadis kidnapped a young girl, but were ultimately stopped:

 Russian security forces killed seven militants and freed a 6-year-old girl taken hostage in the restive Dagestan region of Russia’s volatile North Caucasus on Saturday, a national anti-terrorism committee official told Interfax news agency.

The incident took place in an apartment building in the provincial capital of Makhachkala, according to the Interfax report. The militants broke through a wall, entered an apartment and took the girl hostage, according to the report.

The Interfax report identified the leader of the militants involved in the incident as Gadzhimurat Dolgatov and said he was among the seven killed.

Scratch Makhachkala off the must-visit list. My disappointment cannot be contained.

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  1. My question is, what did they want with the girl? Was one of the ass wipes killed her father? Was the girl a Muslim? Why go to all that trouble to grab her? But I am glad they were all killed.

  2. The release didn’t say what the terrorists motive was in trying to kidnap the 6-year old girl.
    Dagestan is a place most Americans never heard of, between Chechnya to the west, the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north and Azerbaijan over the Caucasus mountains to the south. It is a Muslim region that used to be UNfanatical about Islam, but is being infiltrated by jihadis from Chechnya.
    This article struck me because the news from the whole Caucasus region is usually strictly censored by the Russian authorities, but once in a while we see bits of news slip out.
    It also struck me because my espionage/thriller novel, THE CAUCASIAN MENACE, takes place in Daghestan.
    I hope it’s not frowned upon to give a description of my fiction concerning Daghestan:
    The Caucasian Menace, is an espionage/ thriller that concerns Daghestan, which has broken away from the Russian Federation and has missiles with nuclear warheads. The dictator is intent on selling some of these to Iran and Libya. He also holds a Russian nuclear physicist he intends to sell.

    To prevent interference with his plans, the dictator has nuclear missiles trained on key European capitals. Neither the U.N. nor NATO will take action. The United States, wishing to avoid a nuclear disaster, cannot take overt action. CIA operatives Baker and Gold are assigned to the case.

    Due to an increasing series of setbacks –attempts on his life, infidelity of his young wife, among other problems– the Dictator grows progressively more unstable, more liable to push the fatal button. Baker and Gold are in a race against time.

    Complicating matters, Baker’s wife had been tortured and murdered years before by Thorne, the sadistic mercenary now employed by the dictator. Gold fears that Baker may have killing Thorne as his top priority, rather than capturing him for questioning.

    Meanwhile, William Bell, their immediate superior, has been selling information to the dictator that could result in the deaths of Baker and Gold as well as the failure of the mission. This would cause worldwide catastrophe.

    This exciting novel contains international intrigue, suspense and violent action, as well as love. It also shows how international political maneuvering and misinformation can affect the mass media, and how the mass media in turn can control public opinion. In a democracy, misinformation can cause the public to force the government to make a tragic decision.

    1. Your novel, though fictional, Chief sounds like a great thriller and I’ll have to get it…got another for you and a FB page to go to if you’re interested…the novel Obama Meets Ahmadinejad…by a friend of mine, Amil Imani….he’s got an interesting Facebook page and weblog…you sound like you spend a lot of time writing…my friend Amil does too…k

  3. I guess those jihadis Navy One, weren’t so mellow, were they? Six years old…does that remind us of Mohammed’s penchant for young girls…all these faithful ‘Muslims’ seem intent on emulating the ‘Prophet’, wouldn’t you say?? I would think they’d consider this young girl as the personification of Aisha, Mohammed the Pedophile’s six-year old wife…but in this, I’m just speculating on the psychiatric disturbance that was this historical man. A very sick human being and psychopathic murderer… just a speculation, no more, no less….k

  4. That day in Dagestan created an almighty order on vestal virgins …

    Seven Muslim Jihadis entered though the gates of paradise and were met by 504 vestal virgins, all-screaming; “and what time do you call this; and where the hell have you been”!!!

    I don’t think that the Jihadis have yet realised that they are a gross minority, and that their heaven is actually a living hell; without their trusty ‘AK’s’ they have no control what so ever…

    Back to reality

    You will not hear any left wing Russian socialists complaining about the ‘brutish’ behaviour of the Russki spec forces…

    The human rights activists complain from afar, but not far enough when the same guys come knocking at 06:00hrs.

    Such is the nature of the beast when fire is fought with fire.

    They get my vote.

    Yours Aye.

    1. I sometimes wonder if any of those 72 virgins include the beautiful serving boys bringing them their chemical dependancy.

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