Enlisted Generals, the E-10s?

At some time in the future, is the Department of Defense going to initiate a new rank, the E-10? This article, Further Down The Road To The Enlisted Generalsadvocates against such a change. Of course, it was written a month and a handful of days before that day.

4 thoughts on “Enlisted Generals, the E-10s?”

  1. I could see it it the got rid of the O1 and some of the O2 levels. Give the experienced leaders those roles and less mistakes could be made. Not sure, though. Just something I was thinking about.

  2. Bad, bad idea… The points raised in the monograph are correct… See that type of behavior way too much now from the current crop of E-9s…

  3. Great – another layer on the ass kissing onion. Just what we need – another political, office pogue rank.

  4. CP: Although it is good for the O1 and O2s to make mistakes when the stakes are lower.
    Old NFO: RGR, concur.
    Struan: An onion, good analogy.

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