Sandboarding the Magic Carpet Ride

Do click on the link to see two (not one, two) dudes on a single snowboard (er, sandboard) catching massive air skiing off a sand dune. (Fourth picture down.)

8 thoughts on “Sandboarding the Magic Carpet Ride

  1. Here in OK people sled down the side of the one overpass in Duncan. It still makes me laugh when I see people sledding on cardboard down the overpass. Since we moved her from NM, we have sleds and skis. So we pull each other around the pasture with the four-wheeler.

  2. I’m not even thinking of bucket lists at this point, CP…looks like we have a bunch of people who are representative of the ultimate in boredom….ya gotta do something to keep up that high on life and that ‘Magic Carpet Ride’…..well, here it is…k

  3. Struan: I know, it looks it, right?
    CP: Any kind of enema does not sound fun.
    Kris: Bucket Lists are creepy. Just live your life. Don’t seek the high high and you’ll avoid the low low.

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