The Army YouTubes It

I don’t know why I find this US Army Training Film (featuring automatic German weapons) so fascinating. Perhaps it is the narrator, with that old-school drawl. Or the comparison of different machine gun sounds. Either way, if you are gun guy/gal or an Army doggie, you might find this interesting.

4 thoughts on “The Army YouTubes It”

  1. Kinda remind’s you of the “Heartbreak Ridge” Scene

    “This is the AK-47, the preferred weapon of your enemies. It makes a very distinct sound when fired at you.” Gunnery Sergeant Highway.

  2. Ok so that makes a question of protocol. If he had the Medal of Honor, would he really be in a combat platoon? Plus shouldn’t people be saluting him and not being a wiennie of a major to a guy like that?

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