A Marine Recovers

Reading the story of Sgt. John Peck, I am struck by two things. One, the Marine’s bravery. And two, the remarks and contributions of great Americans like Col. Rocco Armonda and Lt. Col. Eric Holt to the recovery process of folks with brain injuries. Rehab takes great perseverance, but it also requires a dedicated team. And COL Armonda and LTC Holt fit that bill for many of our service-members. . .

5 thoughts on “A Marine Recovers

  1. Sgt Peck is one hell of a man. And his mom is awesome, too. He is her because of her with a little help from his doctors. Great story, N1.

    • I agree the SGT and his mother are great Americans. I am trying not to judge the ex-wife as I know nothing about the situation.

  2. SGT Peck’s story is amazing. What an incredible young man to overcome such obstacles. His mother is just pretty amazing too.

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