Je Sais le Jihad

Pardonnez-moi, a French mother of Arabic extraction names her 3-year-old son Jihad. Then she sends him to a Sorgues (near Avignon) nursery school in a T-shirt that reads I am a bomb. And she is surprised at the reaction? Do go check out her smirk. Just further intel on the tee, it says Jihad, born on September 11 on the back. Wow, I may have been born at night, just not last night. Madame, je sais le jihad et le jihad est tu. . .

9 thoughts on “Je Sais le Jihad”

  1. Now if someone accidentally rolled a frag grenade under her son and he really blew up, wouldn’t that be ironic? Recon she would see the humor and irony? Hummm!

  2. I noticed this particular article a week or so ago (not sure exactly when) but was promptly offended by it…such people are the profoundly ignorant…I have a feeling if this woman actually lived in an actual theocracy, she wouldn’t even be piping up but in a nominally Western society, she perceives herself to be brave and within her rights…multiculturalism is not what it’s purported to be and is the exact thing that needs to die the swiftest of deaths…k

  3. “We are not fighting so that you will offer us something,” said Hussein Massawi, a former leader of Hezbollah. “We are fighting to eliminate you.”

  4. Kris: You really are on the edge of the news cycle. you don’t miss much.
    Struan: Love the quote. We need to make sure it is publicized.
    EB: I’m in, let’s do it. . .

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