Punk Is Dead

Any discussion of punk music, and whether it is dead, is automatically proven true when you cite a forty-year-old skater named Ian Rogers in the first sentence. Forty years old and still grimacing for the camera with a skateboard? Add the fact that he has a company named Topspin Media; punk is, by its nature, anti-corporate. It does not get any better when the writer mentions LL Cool J’s I’m Bad. . . 

3 thoughts on “Punk Is Dead”

  1. What is it Stevo says at the end of “SLC Punk!” (1998)?
    “You can do a hell of a lot more damage from inside the system than outside it.”
    I’d have to agree though, punk is not corporate unless you are a poser. To me, Punk is made by the slightly below poverty musician who is only looking for the next beer and place to crash “for a couple of days”. Bullocks to you haters!
    Where would punk be with out commercialization? Let’s ask Billy Idol.

    1. Not sure if you are a punk fan. I listen to all music and there is a precedent of punk bands breaking up before they get big deals. Fugazi comes to mind. . .

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