Hint to the STGSN

In chatting with the galley cashier girl at work, I learned today that her boyfriend, a Seaman Sonar Tech aboard a local submarine, has not bought her a Christmas gift yet.

Yeah, but he has an excuse. He is doing his service duties.

Mess crankin’?

Yes. And I guess that takes up a lot of time, right?

Um, yeah.

And I’m thinking: Hey Sonar Tech Seaman – STGSN – You had better get your act together and get your girlfriend something. Heck, just buy her a Navy sweatshirt. She’ll love it. It’ll go great with her dolphin shoulder tattoos. . .

10 thoughts on “Hint to the STGSN”

    1. A Navy sweatshirt! I’ll bet she would love it. (I hate to say it, but her boyfriend is a flake and I won’t tell her. I have to buy food from her everyday. And I don’t like to anger anyone serving me food!)

  1. Ok this brings a point in the navy that I have a question about. If you look at a sailors name you have a lit of letters after it. IE: (Smith GM3) I think that’s right. Now that is his rating? So does that mean he is petty officer 3 rd class (E-4) or could he be a seaman? Or a CPO, if he was a GM does the then become a Chief GM???

    Can a person with a rateing only be a petty officer? I am so confused! Because this guy has a rating of Sonar Tech, but he is a seaman? So he is a E-3? Oh and if you link to the navy page to try to explain it, It just makes me more confused, I looked there.


    1. Ah, Mark. No problemo. 1, 2, or 3 refer to Petty Officers. SR, SA, or SN refer to E-1 through E-3. And C, CS, and CM refer to Chief, Senior Chief, and Master Chief. So a MASN is Master-at-Arms Seaman. A MA2 is a Second-Class Petty Officer, Master-at-Arms. And MAC is a Master-at-Arms Chief. Easy!

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