American Gun Owners on Christmas

After all that’s transpired over the last two weeks, I find Australian sites publishing pics of American gun owners (along with snarky commentary) on Christmas somewhat obnoxious:

A woman poses with the powerful weapon she received for Christmas. Picture- Instagram
Actual caption: A woman poses with the powerful weapon she received for Christmas. Instagram

Please leave us alone. This does not concern you.

7 thoughts on “American Gun Owners on Christmas”

  1. Canada also can get snarky about American guns. Most like you guys but there is this same thing as Down Under.

  2. I love Australia, but there are a few snarky things I could say about them too, if only I wasn’t a lady!

    Rather than poor taste, I call it making a statement, celebrating freedom in the face of oppression. Did you know that in 2010 nearly 400 children 5-9 were killed by cars? Yet people post pics of their cars everyday.

    This is our country – if you don’t like it, stay home!

    1. Good point on the cars. And we are making a statement. I feel a major push to curb the 2nd Amendment coming on and these folks are pushing back in their own way.

  3. I was at a local gun store this Christmas holiday. I was asked by a lady “are those AR-15’s?” while pointing at a gun rack with 4 of the weapons racked up. I told her, “yes, they are in the M-4 configuration, but yes.” She said, “how much are they?” I answered I was not sure. She bought two of them at 2000$(US) each. She didn’t even know what they were. She looked like she would have been more comfortable in a quilting shoppe. I am guessing from eavesdropping that her husband and another were getting an unexpected Christmas gift.
    This store had been buying AR-15s for 1.5 years. And decided now was a good time to sell them. My brother had bought one the day before.

  4. Ignore the nasal whining of the ‘Aussie’ press.

    The great majority of city/country dwelling ‘Aussies’ would stand-fast with your 2nd Amendment that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

    Those countries that offer advice in such a way should first look around their own little green houses before they start throwing large stones at others.

    ‘Putin’ & Russia in particular should look around their own ‘glass-armoury’; they are responsible for the arming of every international terror group with their mass made ‘AK’ weapon systems.

    IMHO. The tragic deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary is being used now as a smoke screen by the Government and its left wing supporters.

    The following *link shows how many American citizens die each year through poverty, and sub standard living attributed to a lack of education etc. (
    The same applies to the UK & Europe, which is some thing each and every government should hang their heads in shame over).

    *If you have the time please view the link, the amount of deaths accrued through such poverty related diseases will certainly open your eyes. (Gun related suicides are approximately 50% of all recorded gun related deaths)!

    For the American citizen; keeping & bearing arms is a deterrent against the ‘ill disposed’ who were created by the ‘in house’ and previous governments.

    Every celebrity who now calls for the abolishment or for tighter gun control should look at their own past and on-going ‘habits’; as these anti-social, completely illegal ‘habits’ are one of the main contributing factors for home break-ins, resulting in unnecessary violence and deaths.

    (With out the and end user the dealer goes out of business, without the dealer the supplier goes out of business).,d.d2k

    Just my simple comment from across the pond (and by the way; if I was an American I would fight and support ‘our’ right to my last dying breath).

    Yours Aye.

  5. OkieRover: Wow, that is very interesting. Are those AR-15s? Unbelievable.
    EB: Very revealing link. Of course, stats like that do not tell the necessary story certain powers want told. . .

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