Who Stole Kane, the Husky?

Someone stole Kane, a Husky, from owner Leanne Saunders. Miraculously, an implanted chip showed that Kane had traveled 1,100 miles when he was found. Whoever took him had abandoned him and Kane was found wandering around an Oregon neighborhood:

Leanne Saunders and Kane, the Husky
Leanne Saunders and Kane, the Husky

The thief better be careful. I hear the Pooch Mafia could be a tough bunch of operators:

Pooch Mafia, Amazing Creature blog
Pooch Mafia, Amazing Creature blog

I’ll bet they have baseball bats in their trunk. Or half-eaten baseball mitts, at the very least.

3 thoughts on “Who Stole Kane, the Husky?”

  1. All our dogs have chips and all the dogs Dr. Amber (step daughter) adopts out have chips. I’ve had to drive several state to pick up dogs that were under the same circumstances. Glad they were reunited.

  2. My ‘brood’ have always been chipped.

    I truly wish they would make it a law over here that all cats, dogs, and equine beasts were chipped as well as licensed.

    It would force bad owners to take more responsibility for their welfare.

    Yours Aye.

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