The Buckhannans Are Going to the Game!

Don Buckhannan’s response to his son Daniel Buckhannan’s gift of Alabama football tickets is priceless. And seeing it, I could not imagine that anyone would take issue to a father and son bonding over college football. I was wrong: well slobber all over myself in affection for the sports whack offs. only in sports obsessed godless America would this be a big deal. How many real stories were passed over about maybe some homeless person getting a break in life. they can shove this! Wow, bitter people. Next year, Berkeley will be in the championship game. You heard it here first. . .

2 thoughts on “The Buckhannans Are Going to the Game!”

  1. Sometimes when I’m walking through Wal-Mart I see gift items such as perfumes and soaps or candy crap all wrapped for Christmas, and I think, “People will actually spend their hard earned money on such useless gifts just because they think they have to give something to someone.” That someone who received the gift will not be impressed, but will often feel that he now has to buy the giver something – anything – and will now buy another useless gift. All money wasted.

    To see a video of a son giving a gift in love that was truly wanted and father receiving that gift in love, is good. Who could not like that?

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