TaskRabbit Will Git-R-Done


TaskRabbit is a way you can get chores run by local folks looking for work. You have some small tasks that need doin’, but not enough to hire a personal assistant. So you post schtuff like this:

I got a new Tempurpedic mattress. It’s hard. I’d like someone to walk on it, in relatively clean socks, for two hours. Maybe jump up and down a little (jumping optional). It’s a King, so your walking area will be 76×80 (inches). Prefer someone with strong calves and some meat on their bones. Beer included, and you can pet my cats if you need a quick break.

This one’s closed already, a task rabbit by the name of Sarkis K bagged it. Do go read what the top task rabbits’ve done. Legends like Dan B, Margaret N, Cherry F, and Marc H.

3 thoughts on “TaskRabbit Will Git-R-Done”

  1. How ridiculous, Navy One…sounds just a bit like Service Magic or the Personals page in the newspaper….too funny and there are people who do these things? In a bad economy almost anything is an acceptable form of employment, isn’t it??….k

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