Pier Pressure

The petition to deport Piers Morgan has climbed to well over 30K. If you are not aware of it, Ex Bootneck linked to this article in a previous post on the man/bottom dweller. (Apparently, Piers was involved in a sleazy photo scandal.) I vote we deport this guy too, while we are at it. Think of all the money we are spending keeping him warm and fed. (An alligator in Detroit. Who is the genius who had that as a pet?)

9 thoughts on “Pier Pressure”

  1. The righteous one has form, plenty of form.

    As a British subject he has no right what so ever to slander the American constitution’.

    He does it in the knowledge that he is unable to comment on home grown subjects over here in the UK, as he will be shredded by decent Bloggers & Journalists who do not share his left wing policies or tales of fantasy.


    Yours Aye.

  2. And as I understand it, Ex Bootneck, Happy Christmas to you..as to Piers Morgan and his convenient memory, the state of the gun ban in Britain has resulted in a forty percent increase in gun crime by the criminal element in the country since that ruling occurred. Sadly, Mr. Morgan doesn’t think Americans are bright enough to be capable of doing the research necessary to refute his bombast, ridiculous assertions and claims. We always can find and pinpoint results of such comments for which the left never really has a response…they don’t respond to obvious refutations because they are both morally and intellectually superior to everyone who disagrees with them and they themselves are so perfect. The academic left is so conveniently arrogant and ignorant at one and the same time..and this is one of the inconvenient facts of life in their fantastical, mystical Utopian and unicorn world ….k

    1. Happy Christmas Kristen…

      Piers Morgan is about to unravel in front of the eyes of the American general public.

      After he has been publicly humiliated and stripped of his ‘celeb’ status, please keep him over (for the time being).

      He will be called upon very soon to answer questions on telephone hacking allegations, with luck he may eventually spend some time at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

      We can all but wish.

      Yours Aye.

      1. I surely hope you are correct good sir; but in lifetime, it hardly seems likely when it the ultimate justice does arrive, either it’s too late for anyone that matters to care or the man’s no longer available for that schadenfreude moment…you keep on thinking when these leftists have evidence to the contrary shoved in their collective faces, they’d either apologize and admit they’re wrong; but that never happens…the only consolation I suppose is that we all suffer the same fate in the end; we meet our Maker and either stand in front of Him for what we have accomplished, ashamed for all hurts we have inflicted on those who didn’t deserve it, repentant for at least trying to do good and still sinful and those who behave as the majority of the left does will get their just desserts…at the end of the day, it probably doesn’t matter either way; these people know who they are and they have no shame, not here and I doubt any in their destined future….I feel shame for having these thoughts at all because in the end, the only thing that matters is what grace I’m granted by God and whether I’m deserving of His love and forgiveness; have a great and wonderful Christmas, Brennan and enjoy the coming New Year…we certainly are looking forward to the future and will no doubt, be living in interesting times…just a guess, but likely true….k

        1. Kris: Interesting fact, a forty percent increase in gun crime.
          EB: I hope you are right, that Mr. (no J) P Morgan is about to unravel.

          1. Oh, and Navy One..just to let you know; the petition signed is now over 70,000 signatures…people find this sort of thing out, even when they don’t listen to CNN…that cable network is almost as bad as MSNBC….k

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