Notting Hill Stabbing

I won’t give up the backstory on this picture of the Notting Hill Carnival in London. But I will say this- there is a sharp knife, a knifer, a bloody victim, some cops, and a helpful bystander who tries to trip up the punk who started the mess:

Notting Hill Carnival knifeman
Notting Hill Carnival knifeman

The full story can be located here. In other London news, One Pound Fish singer Shahid Nazir (sometimes known as Muhammad Nazir) was informed he will be deported and sent back to Pakistan. He’ll have to enjoy his trout filets over in Karachi ’til after Christmas. . .

4 thoughts on “Notting Hill Stabbing”

  1. When I was there, I came to realize the best way of protecting myself was to always carry an umbrella, a heavy duty one of course…not one of those tiny little nothings women sometimes would have for a passing shower; a man’s umbrella…and being six feet tall and actually taller because I wore spike heels; it emphasizes the height and increases the intimidation factor by at least ten; I was never accosted or attacked by anyone…this event almost looks personal….people are so touchy and take offense so easily…no one has the proper respect for other human beings it would seem….I actually found people while living in London were far politer than here….but that was then and this is now….k

    1. Very smart and street-wise of you. I will now try to find a tall woman with an umbrella when I am in the inner-city. Sort of a bodyguard.

      1. Navy One, you’re tall too; why would you need a female of surpassing height to protect you when you’re already an intimidating sort yourself? Unless you just wanted a companion in height you didn’t have to look so far down to, so to speak? ..I still am up here looking down and surveying all around me…it isn’t easy being green (or tall), is it?…k

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