Il Natale, un Po ‘Come

Si sta cominciando a guardare un po ‘come il Natale:

Beninteso, you knew the translation, but to verify tense and gender agreement, click here.

4 thoughts on “Il Natale, un Po ‘Come

  1. Ciao ho, Marina Uno e la seguente per il vostro esame e le informazioni:
    Ho pensato che il detto è stato, ‘E’ cominciando a guardare un po ‘come il Natale’ … o era la canzone? .. Buon Natale a voi e godere di tutte le altre feste si potrebbe essere inclini a festeggiare….k

      • One addendum, Navy One..I took this translation back to try and remember what I’d said and the beginning was supposed to be, ‘What ho’ or Hi ho, N1….something got lost in translation there….so here it is…Christmas and language abound; we do play around a lot with all these different tongues…I always found linguistics and syntax pretty interesting along with derivational words as well….and transpositions and that sort of thing…k

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