Dr. Dilip Joseph Thanks a Hero

I have to admire Dr. Dilip Joseph. The way he thanks SO1 Nicolas D. Checque and his family is heartfelt and real. As you know, the doctor was rescued in Afghanistan:

Petty Officer 1st Class Nicolas D. Checque
SO1 Nicolas Checque

Dr. Dilip Joseph and two other staff members for the international aid group Morning Star Development were kidnapped by armed men on December 5 as they returned from a rural medical clinic in eastern Kabul province.

The raid to free Joseph came several hours after the other two were released. Petty Officer 1st Class Nicolas D. Checque, 28, of Monroeville, Pennsylvania, was killed during the operation.

“I would like to take this moment to thank the U.S. and Afghan forces for putting their lives on the line to rescue me. I can appreciate the difficulty of this particular operation and deeply value the sacrifice of one of their own servicemen for the success of this mission,” Joseph said in a statement posted Friday on the Morning Star website.

“My heart goes out to the family of the fallen hero for his service, commitment and courage. He will remain a legacy for me and my family for generations to come,” Joseph said.

I would have liked to hear the Doctor refer to SO1 by name, but I won’t be picky.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Dilip Joseph Thanks a Hero”

  1. You’re right, Navy One; the good doctor seems a bit reticent in his thanks and shell-shocked perhaps due to his experience…it wouldn’t be unusual but we will I suppose see what future reactions the man might have…perhaps it’s still too early to tell…k

  2. It’s nice that he and his group feel free to walk around in a war zone, knowing that American Servicemen will risk life and limb to rescue him from his foolish mis-adventures should something go wrong. As it did here.
    A good man died for his foolishness. That he was well intentioned does not excuse it.

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