Piers ‘Bout to Get the Heave-Ho

Piers Morgan is a CNN host with a big mouth. He’s also a British citizen and there is a move afoot to deport him across the pond. I watched his show for all of seven seconds recently. And when I checked the Nielsen ratings, it turned out I was the only viewer!

8 thoughts on “Piers ‘Bout to Get the Heave-Ho”

  1. And I heard him yesterday on Larry Kudlow’s Saturday radio program on WABC…and couldn’t believe Larry had him on…the guy’s an idiot…didn’t he used to be on CNN International? The Georgia home-based cable news outlet picked him up in a moment of desperation; they needed someone as leftist as they were to fill in a media hole in Atlanta, no doubt…it wouldn’t surprise me at all…most of the time I hear what he says through Newsbusters because who in their right mind would listen to him on a normal news day??..k

  2. I would tune in to watch him insult someone like “Uncle Ted Nugent”(face to face), and get his teeth knocked out. That’s about the only way…

  3. I’ve never seen this commentator, I guess because I hardly ever watch CNN. Just once in a while, to see how they’re handling (or IF theyd’re handling) an item covered on Fox. But I wouldn’t want to start a movement to have him sent back across the pond. The lack of viewers should take care of that. There are some very good commentaters on Fox who are from England, and I wouldn’t want to see anyone push to have them returned to “Old Blighty.”

  4. We do not want this arrogant piece of left-wing-gossip-mongering-piece of slime back over here in dear old Blighty. (I have other words to describe this arrogant toe rag but I will keep them in reserve).

    Morgan has a lot of past history over here in the UK, one piece follows for your perusal.


    Yours Aye.

  5. Clark: I never watch CNN except at the gym. And there I watch it without sound.
    EB: I do not like this smug punk. (Can a fifty year old man be a punk?) He is sickening. And reading your link, I see his total lack of morals. Actions like that give power to the enemy.

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