Mishap, Navy Mishap Star

Mishap, Navy Prevent the Preventable, Navy Safety Center
Mishap, Prevent the Preventable, Navy Safety Center

The Navy has a thing for publicizing mishaps. For good reason, the more Sailors are aware of prior accidents, the less likely they will occur in the future. Every month while deployed, the safety officer would send around an email detailing each and every mishap that happened in theater.

Naval aviation magazines are full of them, often written by the pilot, mech, or ‘FO who was at fault. Mishap, the Navy Safety MC, speaks about Preventing the Preventable:

Here is the new Prevent the Preventable video from Naval Safety Center, starring Mishap. In this segment, he warns tired and distracted drivers that he’ll be watching, like Santa, to see if drivers are naughty or nice.

Check out the video if you want real Navy training. . .

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    1. Ah, you are allowed to be clumsy. You are not parking a $100 million plane. You may’ve hurt yourself banging your pinkie toe on your desk, but it is unlikely you are going to get sucked into a jet intake. . .

  1. ‘Mishap’ needs to step away from the road edge, and not text and walk at the same time… other wise he may just bump into himself coming the other way!

    Just pointing out the obvious?

    Yours Aye.

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