David Gregory, Noble Media Saint

Is it possible that David Gregory, in his role as overseer of the unwashed masses, violated DC gun laws by waving around a 30-round AR-15 magazine? And when Mr. Gregory bristles at the thought of arming school guards, ignore the fact that his children’s school (the Quaker school Sidwell Friends) has many such folks, armed guards. 

4 thoughts on “David Gregory, Noble Media Saint”

  1. Need we say anything further? David Gregory, NBC news anchor and left leaning media giant and supporter of the Obama regime is a hypocrite…is that a news flash, Navy One? ..I really didn’t think so…the rest of us as law abiding citizens have to give up our right to self-defense and self-preservation and gun ownership to satisfy a group of people who walk around with armed guards….doesn’t that really make you feel safer??? And all these people send their own kids to a school who has armed guards protecting them. Wow, makes you really think, doesn’t it??…k

  2. N1,
    I would bet you $1,000 that, were I to present Mr. Gregory with a case of .223, a 30 round magazine, my wifes’ Bushmaster ‘Evil Black Rifle’, and a challenge to make a “BANG” 30 times, he would FAIL…

    He is, of course one of the “special people” like Bloomberg and Feinstein(CCW-CA). The laws are for thee, not for me.

  3. Oh, and I’m sure he’s going to be prosecuted for violating the DC statutes prohibiting possession of that 30-rd mag, just as you or I would be.
    Yeah, sure, that’s the ticket! Hell be prosecuted…
    Just ask my wife, … Morgan Fairchild, yeah…

  4. Kris: These media types turn my stomach when I see them. There’s is a dying profession. Many more choices these days, no more monopoly.
    ChrisP: “Special people” is a good designation for these pompous tools. (Say hi to Morgan for me, please. . .)

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