Winter in Khoni Kwar

An Afghan elder, second from left, thanks Army 1st Lt. Michael Tarasiewicz, left, assigned to Alpha Company, 3rd Special Troops Battalion, Task Force 3/101, for helping the Afghan Uniform Police provide new blankets and winter jackets to residents in the Khoni Kwar area of Khost province, Afghanistan, on Dec. 14.
An Afghan elder, second from left, thanks Army 1st Lt. Michael Tarasiewicz, left, assigned to Alpha Company, 3rd Special Troops Battalion, Task Force 3/101, for helping the Afghan Uniform Police provide new blankets and winter jackets to residents in the Khoni Kwar area of Khost province, Afghanistan.

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    1. Clark

      Without going back to the days of the Roman Empire.

      The obvious that spring to mind are Germany and Japan, who prospered after almost being crushed/annihilated. Their restructure and development obviously stood them in good stead in the long term.

      Communist and Islamic countries never appear to prosper; which is the nature of the beast!

      Sadly I truly believe that Afghanistan is a country that has just been rented for a while by the Western world (history repeating itself).
      When we hand the rental agreement back to ‘President Hamid Karzai’ he will issue one to Pakistan that will be a lease/buy arrangement.
      (Karzai will want to spend his hard ‘laundered’ $USD some where more exotic)…


        1. Clark

          I can give you several detailed answers; but unfortunately time is against me.

          I will gladly subscribe within 24 hours.


        2. Clark

          My profuse apologies for the late reply… standby; standby…

          It is my own very humble opinion that…

          Terrorism is like Japanese Knotweed (the water borne plant whose invasive root system can choke and destroy waterways, damage concrete foundations, buildings, canal walls, roads, etc.
          Find a positive and beneficial use for the Knotweed and it becomes the deterrent against its menacing growth.


          Such a use has recently been found, which is as fuel for Biomass Incinerating systems. The Knotweed is harvested, dried and formed into pellets, which is then burnt at extremely high temperatures (to reduce carbon emissions, appeasing every one)?

          The power generated creates energy, which is then sold on to the National grid system for general consumption. It is an extremely cheap product and virtually unlimited through its natural growth.
          Its secondary use is for fibres within the clothing industry as well as material used within the building industry.

          I digress slightly; however…

          Control the growth of Islamic Terrorism by treating it as Knotweed.

          Please allow me to present an over view of historical ‘British/Irish terrorist’ events (in a nutshell).

          We could start with the Irish Republican Rebellion of 1798, when the ‘United Irishmen’ were influenced by the American & French revolutions; but to do so would require a much-detailed synopsis, (the Irish bid failed, but the seeds were planted for growth).

          A more simplistic account of deterring and defeating terrorism could be better described using the past history from the Dublin Easter uprising from 1916 onwards. The Provisional Irish Republican Army [aka ‘The Stickies’] accepted defeat by the British; they signed an unconditional surrender and disbanded, never them selves to pick up arms again.

          From that day forth the use of informants and intelligence gathering assisted the British Government in deterring Irish National terrorists, (but it did not stop newly formed terrorist splinter groups from operating against the police as well as British interests). The Police service could not cope against the Irish terrorist threat so in 1920 the British Government brought in an ‘auxiliary’ force known as the ‘Black & Tans’.

          Intelligence was presented to this dreadful British Para military force; the ‘Black & Tans’, were allowed carte blanch freedom to fight fire with fire. Though the ‘B&T’ fire was the equivalent of Thermite (which to this day carries emotional hatred towards their memory and the tactics they employed).

          The attitude of the Black and Tans is best summed up by one of their Divisional Commanders; Quote.
          “If a police barracks is burned or if the barracks already occupied is not suitable, then the best house in the locality is to be commandeered, the occupants thrown into the gutter. Let them die there – the more the merrier.
          Should the order (“Hands Up”) not be immediately obeyed, shoot and shoot with effect. If the persons approaching (a patrol) carry their hands in their pockets, or are in any way suspicious-looking, shoot them down. You may make mistakes occasionally and innocent persons may be shot, but that cannot be helped, and you are bound to get the right parties some time.
          The more you shoot, the better I will like you, and I assure you no policeman will get into trouble for shooting any man.”
          Lt. Col. Smyth, June 1920.

          The British Government soon realised that the ‘Black & Tans’ tactics turned peace loving Irish men & women into terrorists. Eventually a formula was provided to satisfy both sides of the Catholic/Protestant border.

          But the Catholic Republican cause did not cease. It festered and grew underground for years and was allowed to grow with impunity; with out being monitored by the Military or its intelligence community.

          The underground growth spawned further un-official fighting groups such as the IRA, which splintered into the PIRA & INLA who operated from the 1960’s through to present day.
          (The terrorist war in Northern Ireland has claimed approximately 3, 600 lives since 1960, with over 100 thousand maimed and injured, the toll continues to rise).

          From the mid 80’s to the mid 90’s terrorists on both sides (Catholic and Protestant) were/are acknowledged to be the most technologically sophisticated in the world.
          (The acts of barbarism and atrocities committed by both sides would make a seasoned Lebanese interrogator blush)!

          In the mid 90’s the terrorist groups were once again on the cusp edge of being defeated. The cause of which was created through detailed technical & forensic intelligence gathering; a swift response from SAS/SBS active service teams dealt the precision hammer blow when required.

          The terror groups were forced to the table to discuss a cease-fire, where upon they realised that the pen is far mightier than the sword. To which the hierarchy became politicians, voted in honourably by their respective masses. Through political debate they achieved far more on an equal footing in five years, than they ever did in 114 years of strife and misery.

          Some how throughout this process we (the British) forgot what history had taught us in 1916.

          When ‘the Peace Process’ was established in Northern Ireland we forgot to monitor the younger disillusioned people, whose anger simmered beneath the surface at the fact that their cause had been sold out.
          Not for them the benefits of power and champagne socialist entitlements. The ex terrorist hierarchy were now political masters that licked the hand of the British Government that they once bit.

          Modern day; the Catholic youth have been out and dug up the weapons and explosives caches that Muammar al-Gaddafi generously gave them. They have since organised them selves back into terrorist groups, becoming bolder each day, claiming lives once again.
          The response of the Protestants was to do the same. (Each terrorist side sacrificed caches to appease the moderators of the ‘Peace Process Treaty’).

          And so today at the end of 2012 the wheel is being reinvented once more. We now have to re-insert covert/overt intelligence gatherers, supported by advanced technical monitoring equipment, using active service teams to deal hammer blows.
          (We may have it sorted out within the next 10 years).

          For the last 12 years we have also had to deal with the homegrown Islamic problem, which sneaked in under the radar.
          Effectively we have known about it since the mid-80’s but the threat was considered to be ‘low level’ until the London underground was attacked by suicide bombers in July 2005.

          Once again we took our eyes of the intelligence ball and closed the gate after the horse had bolted. We now see the problem better as we have taken off our rose tinted glasses. High tech intelligence gathering as well as ‘boots on the ground’ covert work is countering this home grown threat. There are years of hard work ahead; but the die has been caste, it is do-able!

          After my long-winded approach to grease the palate, my belief is that we have the following options to block and stop the active and potential bad guys operating within the ‘Islamic’ terror groups.

          1). We all convert to Islam. We choose to step backwards in time to the medieval era. ← (That arrow points at a full stop, no further comment required, it is ‘problem solved’ and game over).


          2). We pull out of the Islamic countries we are meddling in, and spend the allocated funds on organising the basic infrastructure required back home, to stabalise our own requirements. We obviously require a stable platform to operate from and the US & the UK need to stop the rot to do so.

          This means no more aid handouts to Foreign countries. If NGO’s wish to place funds into Foreign shores then they should be taxed $ for $/ £ for £, (one for them and one for home). There are as many people starving per capita back home as there are abroad, charity begins at home!

          In the mean time we use technical/specialist ‘ops’ on foreign soil to conduct detailed Intelligence gathering. Through the gathered analysis we systematically destroy the bad guys infrastructure from the bottom up. (Stop taking out the leaders ‘FFS’; all it does is strengthen the root growth)! This also includes using forensic documentary accountants within the International Banking System, to stop the flow of funding that international terrorism requires for its growth.

          The ‘US & the UK’ need to rein in their respective ‘government organisations’ and work together as one. The cessation of internal bickering between ‘agencies’ has to stop. If it means historic agencies are combined under one NEW name, and one NEW roof, then so be it. Allow the old agency names to be whispered with pride as they settle into the history books.
          (Where are the Spartans when you need them)?

          As we are doing this we need to seek out the ‘sleepers’ within and deport them back from whence they came. It will sound extreme to the left wing sandal-wearing liberals, but the UK/US are Christian countries, that require the standards of old to be re-introduced through the education system.

          Religions that do not pose a threat have nothing to be concerned about, i.e. Buddhism, Judaism, Shinto, Mormonism, Paganism, etc, etc. Fire has to be fought with fire, if it means that we have to use Thermite to fight their fire; then so be it!

          To secure any perimeter an initial sweep is required, which is then followed up with a more detailed search. The perimeter then becomes a border, which can be more effectively controlled; but to do so requires ‘determination’ from a ‘determined nation’, never to drop ones guard again. Controlled immigration is a requirement as well as a necessity, which has to be maintained whatever the cost.

          Simple thoughts from a simple man…

          Yours Aye.

          1. Hello,m Ex Bootneck:

            I disagree with you; you are definitely NOT a simple man. Your message shows a profound understanding of politics and warfare. You also seem to have great knowledge of Irish/British history.
            I agree with just about everything you wrote in that message. But one thing worries me: As you say (and I agree): “but to do so requires ‘determination’ from a ‘determined nation’, never to drop ones guard again.”
            The trouble is that my pessimistic perception is that we are no longer a determined nation. Rather (especially looking at the college-age generation) we have become a soft nation, worshipping entertainment figures (rock stars, American Idol –aptly named–, movie celebrities, sports figures), willing to pay $400 admission to a rock concert, $200 for a pair of fashionable sneakers, pleasure seeking, not willing to make any kind of sacrifice (of course, this opinion excludes our wonderful men an women in uniform, the only thing keeping the wolves at bay.
            Wow, what a bleak picture I’ve just painted. I’m hoping someone will convince me otherwise.
            Have a healthy and happy New Year.

  1. All that means is the the LT won’t get shot that night during the sniper attack. They will get him the next night. I’d let’em freeze…but, wait…they haven’t frozen in five thousand years, why would they freeze now?

  2. It’s far too late in the game for hearts & minds.

    At this point the locals should be showering the troops with gifts no matter how menial.

    Such presents will probably result in a death sentence for those caught wearing or using the clothing, unless they are presented to the ‘bad guys’ to keep them warm.

    Yours Aye.

  3. EB: Ah, that is truly too bad. If that is the case, we should pull out our troops now and just leave behind some quick-reaction forces in Bagram and Kandahar.
    Clark: Heh heh! Murphy may have been optimist. May. . .

  4. Yeah and we also have a problem with who’s running the show here…that’s even worse…watching and waiting…another four years…a long time…k

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