The Unbloggable Lightness of Being

Blogs are funny beasts. Back when I was setting up this website, I found a GoDaddy feature that shows what spiders crawl the blog. They are essentially in the background, crawling and reporting back to google, bing, yahoo, dogpile, etc. I just flipped over to the stat analytic page that reads the bots, and it tells me that google was onboard for 1 hour and 14 minutes looking for content on beavers. For once in my blogging career, I am speechless. Beavers?

I next clicked on the key word menu that shows the search terms that folks use to find (or show up) at this blog. And despite having never posted on this topic, 713 hits were generated last week over honey boo boo holiday photo. Wow, who knew? I’ll bet there were a lot of disappointed Honey Boo Boo fans. Well, now you guys have something to look at, this post!

One last note, if you all ever want to turn any post into an open thread, you have my thumb’s-up. I’ve said it before, I’ll be at work and come home to thirty comments and it is a neat surprise. Don’t ever feel like you are highjacking the blog. We are a community of sorts. Me, the beaver and honey boo boo blogger and y’all, the . . .

7 thoughts on “The Unbloggable Lightness of Being”

  1. I’m amazed at some of the things that has brought people to my blog, and yes, they must be very disappointed. In years past, I posted about my two friends, Janetta and Joy (whom I went to Las Vegas with during the time of the Navy Tailhook convention). Anyway, people google “Janetta Joy Boobs” and it takes them to my blog. Go figure. I’m sure I did not say anything about boobs.

    1. Kris: Ah Milan Kundara. You got it. . .
      Lou: I think I got a hit off breasts when I wrote “abreast of.” It is the new safari, the internet. And there are all sorts of wild animals to find!

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