Will Smith, Jim Beam, and the Navy

So during Fleet Week in New York City (back in May), Will Smith visited Navy and Coast Guard Sailors down at the local pier. He was doing publicity for Men in Black III and thought meeting the troops would make for a good photo-shoot. My biggest concern is the Chief on the right. He either tied one on the previous night or was getting sea-sick pierside:

"Men In Black 3" New York City Photo Call
Men In Black 3’s Will Smith meets Navy-Coast Guard Sailors in New York City. Is the Chief on the right housed on Devil’s Cut?

Go easy on that Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, Chief. It’ll schneak up on you. . .

7 thoughts on “Will Smith, Jim Beam, and the Navy”

  1. I think that she is just thinking ” get the picture, I am tired of sucking it in for will smith.”

  2. Ok so do you have two posts? Because my first post shows up on place but not the other? I just re-posted it and now I re-found it. I am so confused.

    1. Good question. WordPress just updated their software. And you can now post messages to pictures. I am trying to turn off that annoying function. . .

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