Navy Intel Specialist Gets the Shaft from Pat Sajak

In college, my roommate was a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune. He did not win, but came back to school with plenty of consolation prizes, such as a watch and a years supply of prunes. (No joke!) Since he had to pay taxes on the prizes he won, he never collected on the dried prunes. At least that is the story he told us. . .

Recently, Navy Intel Specialist Renee Durette was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. And host Pat Sajak did not like how she pronounced the word swimming and he disqualified her answer, giving the word to another contestant by the name of Amy Vincenti. And IS2 (Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class) ended up losing:

Daytime TV viewers tuning in to watch Wheel of Fortune this week couldn’t believe their ears when a contestant who correctly guessed a phrase was seemingly robbed of her victory, and all because of a missing G.

In the Wednesday episode, Renee Durette, a Navy Intel Specialist from Merritt Island, Florida, thought she had solved the puzzle correctly by answering ‘seven swans a-swimming’  – a line from the carol The 12 Days of Christmas – with seven missing letters.

Renee Durette, a Navy Intel Specialist from Merritt Island, Florida
Renee Durette, a Navy Intel Specialist, Pat Sajak, and Amy Vincenti.

However, Durette’s less than crisp enunciation did not satisfy the host, Pat Sajak, who disqualified the contestant’s answer because she had omitted the hard G from the word ‘swimming,’  turning it into ‘swimmin.’

Too bad the Petty Officer was robbed. She lost a lot of dough. . .

11 thoughts on “Navy Intel Specialist Gets the Shaft from Pat Sajak”

  1. That is so bloody pathetic; is he an ex-civil servant?

    Renee Durette obviously pronounced the word as a ‘colloquialism’.

    (“Rules are rules and it says so in the manual”). Vote with the remote control…

    Yours Aye.

  2. You have GOT to be kidding me! He knew what she was saying, pure and simple. This annoys me, if I ever watched TV, and then if I ever watched Wheel of Fortune, I would stop immediately! :- )

  3. Pat Sajak is a very ardent conservative…he’s probably very muted nowadays because everyone knows to shut up when you hold opposing viewpoints to the liberal Hollywood leftist crowd..have to keep that job or get that job…can you imagine Hollywood back in the 1940s during WWII ? Could you ever think you would see John Wayne, Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart behaving as Hollywood celebrities do now??? Not likely..Both John Wayne and Cary Grant were rejected for military service; they couldn’t pass the physical… and Jimmy Stewart was an Air Force Reserve pilot who was promoted to General before he retired…we don’t live in a country anymore who has citizens who love and appreciate America…and certainly not the Hollywood crowd…

  4. Lil C: I share your anger. It seems a little (a lot) harsh.
    CP: Ah, I did not know.
    Kris: I knew he leaned right. And you are correct, Hollywood no longer joins the Armed Forces. Sad, but true. . .

  5. Pat Sajak is good people, consistently supportive of the troops and not some flaming liberal asshat.

    Did he screw over IS2 Durrette? Maybe. Or maybe it was the judges call. But I’m not going to hang him out to dry for one bad incident.

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