Not McDonalds or Robeks

What do Chris Tucker, David Boreanaz, Boy George, and Stanley Tucci have in common? Think first job, like fry-guy at McDonalds or smoothie engineer at Robeks. Only their teen occupation involves something that you used today. I guarantee it. 

4 thoughts on “Not McDonalds or Robeks”

  1. ‘Celebs’, bless em all (and their publicists who give their spin to the general public.)

    “We all have to come from some where, to walk the path and leave foot prints for others to follow”.

    I would like to think that I followed a good set of footprints, and the ones I am leaving behind are a credit to my Fathers.

    Yours Aye.

  2. Well, I guess someone has to do it…why not? And you have to start somewhere…maybe it makes them feel like one of the ‘folks’…you know the way Bill O’Reilly or ‘Obie-One’ says it…???k

    1. Ah you do have to start somewhere. I’ve had a ton of menial jobs. And I never minded most of them. I had to make money to pay rent.

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