Froglogic Definition

David Rutherford, Navy SEAL. Froglogic
Dave Rutherford, SEAL Froglogic

Froglogic (frog-lojik), n.

1. A way of thinking that perpetually activates an individual’s desire to forge his or her own Self-Confidence in order to commit to living a team orientated lifestyle or “Team Life”.

2. A two-part motivational training program.

Part 1 – Accepting 8 simple Missions into your lifestyle in order to forge your personal and professional Self-Confidence.

Part 2 – Committing to 4 simple Missions that will ignite your understanding of what it means to live the Team Life.

3. A concept rooted in the proven exepriences of over 65 years of UDT/ SEAL “Real World” operations, training doctrine and elite lifestyle performance.

–David B. Rutherford, US Navy SEAL

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  1. I do hope a special group of people out there who would like to pursue this course in life…it certainly would be something different….and worth it of course ….wouldn’t you say??…k

    1. I think there are plenty of volunteers for BUD/S, but not many graduates. They keep the washout rate high because they refuse to compromise on their standards.

    1. Always. They are keeping the standards up, just trying to recruit from groups not traditionally found in high numbers in the SEALs. Or that is what the official word is.

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