Bears in the Air Force

I’ve worked with some Air Force personnel that were a bit on the hairy side. One, I even thought may be part bear. (His breed: Himalayan or American black bear. I generally avoided him, so positive identification was tricky.) It turns out my fears were well founded.

6 thoughts on “Bears in the Air Force”

  1. As a young RM Corporal I once shared a cabin and worked alongside a ‘sweaty sock’ (Jock) [Scottish male]; who was so hairy he was considered a fire risk.

    My observation to him was that he should consider cutting fire breaks into his mammoth growth to stop such a fire spreading; thus enhancing his chances of survival.

    I swear he once sneezed and grew a beard through forced compression…

    Yours Aye.

    1. Fire breaks, I love it. I had a buddy who was Sicilian. And he had to shave 3 times-a-day at boot camp to please leadership. When he got out of Great Lakes, he went and got a laser treatment that kept his beard from growing. He told us it was painful as hell.

  2. Now that was true dedication…your Italian friend that is; to offer himself up as the guinea pig for laser treatment…it isn’t that painful if the growth is sparse…in his case I wouldn’t suppose it was…as far as using animals today in an experimental environment, it isn’t likely…we live in such a ridiculous state now, consider when all the whining leftists decide that playing football is too dangerous because of all the concussions…that’s coming and they’ll try to ban it…then they’ll turn their attention to baseball…the bats and balls you know…k

    1. He was truly dedicated. I was very happy to see that he made Chief about 3 years ago. Great guy. Very good social skills for someone in our community. (I think you know what I mean.)

  3. What we don’t tell anyone is that when we went to the Navy looking for volunteers…everyone “volunteered” the Mess Management Specialists.

    After a bit wandering around aboard, we found a bear in the goat locker. The rest is history.

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