Do Not Add Fertilizer to Your Christmas Tree

Whatever you do this Christmas, please do not add fertilizer to your Christmas tree water. Patrick Kruger, who lives in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood, found out the hard way that adding Miracle Grow could have disastrous consequences:

Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood, Patrick Kruger
Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood, Patrick Kruger’s Christmas tree

7 thoughts on “Do Not Add Fertilizer to Your Christmas Tree”

  1. My own green thumb remains pretty sporadic….I have some problems with orchids, African violets and other difficult and hard to grow plants…sometimes it works, sometimes not….I think everyone experiences that…I can see that this man has a sense of humor and considering how hateful some are in terms of religious holidays,Christmas and Hanukkah in particular, I think this is a good thing…..k

  2. Small world (or BIG interweb)… That house belongs to an in-law of one of our RV buddies from Arizona. She sent us a picture several days ago.

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