Name that Colonel

Today’s mystery Lieutenant Colonel is brought to you by Coca-Cola, fully half of the light colonel’s drink:

Al Pacino as Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade in Scent of a Woman

 Still not sure? Does the name Frank Slade ring a bell?

In other secret Colonel news, I used to work near a Lieutenant Colonel Sanders. I apologize for my lack of military bearing in chortling (very quietly, to myself) every time I saw his name in print. (Although I never met the man, I’ll bet he had a sense of humor about it.)

6 thoughts on “Name that Colonel”

  1. Too easy – Al Pacino. Won the Academy Award for it. But – even better, brought the exquisite Gabrielle Anwar to my full attencion.

  2. I went to the police academy with Johnny Law. I worked with a guy who’s last name was Sargent. When he got promoted he was Sargent Sargent.

  3. Who, Ah! Kinda scary a blind Colonel driving a Ferrari around New York, but have you seen how they drive there??? He was probably the safest of the drivers.

  4. Hat’s off to the good Col Sanders. Those of us with odd names have heard it all. I just tell’em, ‘Call me Maxwell House – Good to the Last Drop.’

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