Blogger Requires Anti-Gun Person for Verbal Probing

A fellow blogger is putting out a call for an Anti-Gun Person Willing To Talk. There are some qualifications, please go to her post for more info. (In all fairness, she is not a fellow blogger, but the female version of a fellow. I am not sure the word.)

7 thoughts on “Blogger Requires Anti-Gun Person for Verbal Probing”

  1. NavyOne – thank you for helping in my search! I did find two people who are willing to talk to me, I am so excited. They both sent me e-mails about themselves and their beliefs, and they both sounded really reasonable. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    1. Lil Chantilly

      Itching to read the story…

      (Lil Chantilly & the Blogette’s; has a kind of early 70’s ‘Motown’ ring about it)?


      1. Hmmm… Yes, yes it does. I can see us now – bouffant hair, sparkly sequined gowns, WAY too much mascara, and tactical rifles strapped to our backs. That would be hot.

        I’d bet we would sell some vinyl though!

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