Marine Stands Guard at Gower Elementary

SSgt Pritchard
SSgt Pritchard

Marine Staff Sergeant Jordan Pritchard has a unique way of combatting the stress that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre inspired in parents across the country.

The Staff Sergeant has two children at Gower Elementary in Nashville, Tennessee. Some local parents like what he is doing, but the Marine Corps certainly does not. Nor does NCIS, who has warned him about his activity.

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  1. What this Marine is doing is pretty much awesome. This type of action seems to be very common among them. Might be part of the reason they are “The Few, The proud.”

    I can understand the reasoning behind the fuss about his uniform. Rules are rules and there is logic behind this one. Perhaps some of the other parents at the school could help him out by taking take of his dress uniform for him?

  2. For what its worth…

    Taking into account the lack of security with regard to access/egress control you have to understand the concern of this ex USMC SSgt.

    However the apparent rules governing the wearing of military uniform for ex service personnel are there for a reason, flouting it will surely bring the uniform into disrepute as well as the outfit it represents.

    Should any parent have any concern regarding security/safety issues they must be taken up with the correct school/police authorities.

    Speaking from experience.
    Just as dummy CCTV cameras lull people into a false sense of security; the same could be muted as to why an unarmed un-authorised military attendant is required. No one benefits from it, as it is a false presence, even though the intent is meaningful.

    Yours Aye.

  3. I admire his stance, but I think he should follow his orders. He can do the same job in bluejeans and t-shirt (Marine Tee). But I also think he should be ‘carrying.’

  4. “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don’t have that problem.” Ronald Reagan

  5. Glad you guys weighed in on this one. Be sure to see the latest Marine, at the above link (Marines Standing Guard.) It is too bad this new one is a phony. . .

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